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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is the LollyDay Inn located?

The LollyDay Inn is a new vacation home located on the island of Roatan, one of the bay islands in Honduras. We are located  between West End and West Bay.

2. How many guests are allowed in the LollyDay Inn? Pricing is for 5 people. Each additional person is $25 per day. We can sleep 12 people. 

3. Are pets allowed? Sorry, no pets are allowed.

4. What is the weather like in Roatan? Roatan weather is great for year round travel.  The average high is around 89.6 F. January can be around 77. "Rainy Season" begins in October and can extend to January. This doesn't mean it rains all the time. Be prepared for some rain showers and some sun. It's still a great time to visit.

5. What is your cancellation policy? Two weeks to 30 days ahead of your trip you will receive 90% back. One to two weeks before your trip you will receive 50% back. If you cancel the week of your trip, you will receive 25% back.

6. What should we bring? Sunscreen, bathing suits, sunglasses, hats, flip-flops, casual clothes. If you like to use a Keurig Coffee maker, be sure to bring your own K-Cups. They aren't sold on the island. We do have the reusable K-Cup insert if you bring your own ground coffee.You may want to bring some bug spray. We offer a natural bug spray locally made on the island, as long as it is in stock. We have beach towels, beach chairs and a beach umbrella for you to use.

7. Do you have baby items? We have a small booster seat for the kitchen, 2 strollers, a walker, and 2 pack and play beds.There are several 'puddle jumper' life jackets to use at the pool or beach. There is a box of toys and puzzles for the kids.

8. What is there to do in Roatan? Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are the most popular things to do. There are many island tours available for seeing more of Roatan. 

Zip lines, monkeys, iguana farm, sloths, and more are some fun things to do when you've had enough of the beach and need a little break! West End is a fun place for shopping and eating. Be sure to get a Baleada for breakfast!

9. What about meals? We have a fully functional kitchen for those that want to cook. You can go to the local grocery on your way in and grab some groceries. Some like to eat at the house for breakfast and lunch, and then go out for dinner. We can give you the name of a Chef if you would like someone to cook for the week.

10. How do you get to Roatan? You can fly directly into Roatan. Depending on where you are coming from, you will connect in a major city and then on to Roatan.

11. What is the security deposit for?  We will hold your security deposit for a week after checkout. This will cover any damages or lost or stolen items. 

12. What time is check in and check out?  We try to accommodate you based on your flight times. Check in is at 2 pm, but if your flight arrives earlier we can work with you on that. Checkout is at 10 am.

13. How do we get around Roatan? There are lots of drivers who would love to take you places. The charge is minimal. ($10-20) Ask for the list when you arrive. Some choose to rent a car.

14. What is the currency on Roatan? Honduran Lempiras and American Dollars are both accepted. We suggest you bring lots of small denomination dollars to use for tips. Tipping is encouraged. Make sure your dollars don't have any rips or tears. The banks won't accept them. You can also go the ATM if you run out of cash.

15. What if I get sick while I'm there? There are local clinics that you can visit for minor illnesses. Clinica Esparanza is one. Look into your own private insurance for traveling if this is a concern.

16. What about laundry and maid service? A washer and dryer are in the home. Maid service isn't included but can be arranged if you would like it. Discuss this ahead of time when you book your trip.** Additional charge for housekeeping**

17. Do you have a security system or cameras? The house has an alarm system monitored by Bulldog Security. You will be given a remote control to set the alarm and use as you wish. If it is damaged or lost, you will be charged $100 to replace it. We don't have any cameras in the house. There is a motion sensor in the living room, which is only activated when the 'away' setting is on for the security system. This will trigger the alarm if anyone enters that room while the alarm is active on 'away'. Two cameras are placed outside to monitor the front and back doors to the home, for your safety. Bulldog security officers frequently patrol the area as well.

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